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Carnival and celebration

A project about the Carnival aspect of the area never materialised, and this theme became diffused along the lifespan of fuse. However, the theme remains an ode to the hard work, respect and welcoming nature of the carnival leaders and groups. Their members introduced my team and I to the various processes related to this tradition – a visual and cultural legacy that is so inherent to Maltese culture, but also very important to the communities of the Biċċerija area itself.


The research collected was still fundamental to the development of the whole project.

The people who gave their time to us taught me very important lessons related to respect, collaboration and understanding – to treat everyone as equal, to strive to work around limitations, and ultimately, to come together and work towards one goal.


These characteristics, which are present in every carnival organisation that has embraced all of our team throughout this process, have helped fuse develop and materialise into a project about a community, by a community, for a community.

images discovered during research phase and extracted from Valletta Photos (Facebook group)

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