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Artists: Victor Agius, Aaron Bezzina, Tom van Malderen, Laura Besançon, Giola Cassar & Aprille Zammit, Text Catalogue & Andrea Zerafa, Chakib Zidi & Fatima AM & Noah Fabri, Samuel Ciantar

Curator, Artistic Director and Project Manager: Elyse Tonna

Production Manager: Raffaella Zammit
Research Assistants: Aidan Celeste, Kurt Calleja (until November 2020), Claude Ebejer (November 2020 - July 2021)
Production Assistant: Jamie Barbara

Produced by the Valletta Cultural Agency as part of the Agency's Cultural Programme 2021

what is fuse?

fuse was a community-driven and context-specific, interdisciplinary artistic project focusing on the Biċċerija and its surroundings (Valletta, Malta). Its scope was to discover the communities of the area and uncover their stories, facilitate interactions and ultimately develop a project which has art, community and context at its core. fuse was based on elementary principles related to inclusion, safeguarding of living heritage, creative placemaking and sustainability.


Focusing on nine thematics: Intersection, Synergy, Symbiosis, Conviviality, Displacement, Resilience, Familiarity, Transaction and Ritual, fuse uncovered aspects related to the intangible and tangible stories of the area. 


The thematics were interpreted through site-specific, public art interventions by eight contemporary artists/artist collectives.

photos by Elisa von Brockdorff, VCA, Maria Galea,
Laura Besancon, Elyse Tonna, Aidan Celeste

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