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Valletta Contemporary, Valletta - Malta (2021)

Artist: Laura Besançon
Curator: Elyse Tonna

Supporting Artists: Tom Lovelace, Ignacio Barrios, Dawoon Kim, Tom Medwell, Gökhan Tanriöver

Supported by: iLab Photo Ltd.

Often, we find ourselves in a sublime or liminal state, the in between. Contexts featuring ambiguity and disorientation, where there are no real boundaries or control on space, time, thoughts and emotions. Liminal territories are waiting spaces:


where are we now? what’s next?

Our surrounding landscapes are changing in unprecedented ways. Playful Futures is a bid to refresh our perspectives and attitudes towards ever changing contexts beyond our control. It questions the parallels drawn between the interrelationship between the state of mind and destructive manifestations of untamed landscapes. A more utopian and sometimes even a humorous perspective is adopted to act as a starting point to diminish the effects of disorientation in the conscious mind. Whilst the exhibition brings to focus works by multidisciplinary artist Laura Besancon (b.1993) who is a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art (2019), it also includes representations by another six international artists.

photos by Valletta Contemporary

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