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VC03 (2021/2022)
rajt ma rajtx ... naf li rajt 

Critical Essay by Elyse Tonna for Matthew Attard's exhibition:
rajt ma rajtx ... naf li rajt (2021). VC03 is a book showcasing the 2021 exhibition programme of Valletta Contemporary with contributions by various authors/curators

SURA (2021)
KIN, who we are and where we belong (EN) / sura ta' nies (MT)
A book for SURA (2021). Stories and Poems by Clare Azzopardi. Contributions by Elyse Tonna, Glen Calleja and Lori Sauer. Translations by Albert Gatt. Photos by Giola Cassar. Proof-Reading by Claire Zerafa. Designed by Brendon Gauci

fuse (2021): collection of research and process-based articles related to the thematics and interventions by Elyse Tonna
A book for fuse (2021). Written by Elyse Tonna. Photos by Elisa von Brockdorff, Maria Galea, Rakel Vella and Elyse Tonna. Edited by Ann Dingli. Designed by Elyse Tonna and the Valletta Cultural Agency. Produced by the Valletta Cultural Agency

30@20: Looking Back Looking Forward (2021): Celebrating 30 Years The Mill Art, Culture and Crafts Centre
From the Archives: A reflection. and The Mill Today: A conversation February 2021

A book for 30@20 project by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation. Contributions by Raffaella Zammit, Dr Nikki Petroni, Elyse Tonna. Designed by Mighty Box Ltd.

ħaġarna (2019)
what is 'ħaġarna'?
A book for ħaġarna (2019). Contributions by Elyse Tonna, Dr Irene Biolchini, Prof. Vicki Ann Cremona, Dr Sandro Debono, Dr Marko Stamenkovic and introductions by Hon. Dr Ian Borg, Hon. Dr Owen Bonnici, Hon. Dr Justyne Caruana, Hon. Dr Anton Refalo, Nicoline Sagona, Joe Cordina and Dr Christian Zammit. Designed by Elyse Tonna


network+ : toolkit for sustainability presentation
project pitch presentation during participation in the Global Cultural Relations Programme, 2021

How do you feel? - Exhibition Tour and Q&A (2021)
MCAST (Photography) and Malta Society of Arts students

rajt ma rajtx ... naf li rajt curatorial tours (2021)

in transition - Exhibition Tour and Q&A (2021)

rajt ma rajtx ... naf li rajt online discussion (2021)
online discussion about the exhibition with the CSAI Institute and Matthew Attard

Taħt il-Qoxra. SURA: Il-Wirja u l-Ktieb (2021)
online discussion about the SURA exhibition and book with Rachelle Deguara from the National Book Council, writer Clare Azzopardi and artist Glen Calleja

What is fuse? Presentation on the Process (2021)
presentation about the two-year project, fuse, at the Valletta Design Cluster, forming part of the fuse outreach programme

Transaction & Ritual: fuse Artist-Curator Talk (2021)
presentation at the Valletta Design Cluster about 2/9 thematics for fuse with artist collective Text Catalogue and Andrea Zerafa and artist Victor Agius, forming part of the fuse outreach programme

Synergy & Resilience: fuse Artist-Curator Talk (2021)
presentation at the Valletta Design Cluster about 2/9 thematics for fuse with artists Aaron Bezzina and Samuel Ciantar, forming part of the fuse outreach programme

fuse Curatorial Tours (2021)

fuse: the book launch (2021)

presentation at the Valletta Design Cluster of the book written by Elyse Tonna and edited by Ann Dingli forming part of the fuse outreach programme

Ritual: Workshop (2021)
workshop with Malta School of Arts students (7-9 year olds) led by Victor Agius, forming part of the fuse outreach programme

Intersection: Workshop (2021)
workshop with Malta School of Arts students (10-11 year olds) led by artist collective Giola Cassar and Aprille Zammit, forming part of the fuse outreach programme

Art Additives: SURA Artists' Talk (2021)
online live discussion about SURA exhibition with Glen Calleja and Virginia Monteforte at Spazju Kreattiv

Looking Back Looking Forward (2021)
online documentary by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation giving insight into the research carried out by Raffaella Zammit, Dr Nikki Petroni and Elyse Tonna about the history of The Mill - Art, Culture and Crafts Centre

ARTZID Workshop 1.0: Inclusion and Community (2021)
online panel discussion by ARTZ ID moderated by Fatima AM and including other panel members Maria Pisani, Zack Ritchie and Sarah Woods

Joint Up Thinking: Collective Learning through the Arts (2021)
online webinar series by Arts Council Malta, A Global Exchange for Local Action together with Maaza Mengiste, Joe Sidek, Karsten Xuereb, Glen Calleja and Raffaella Zammit

ACM Hangouts: Sustainable Practices in the Creative Industries
online panel discussion by Arts Council Malta moderated by Elaine Falzon, with Christabel Catania, Julie's Bicycle, Luke Azzopardi, Kristina Borg and Annabelle Stivala

Politika Kulturali: Il-Politika Ingagaġġata u Transversali (2020)
radio discussion with Dr Karsten Xuereb on Campus FM

ACMlab: Green Activism. Practices and Policies in the Arts (2020)
Presentation and Q&A by Arts Council Malta, moderated by Lisa Gwen Andrews, with Caldon Mercieca and Gayle Murphy

COVID-19 Transition Arts Advisory Group: Outreach & Sustainability (2020)

provocation for the COVID-19 Transition Arts Advisory Group set up by  Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government in collaboration with Arts Council Malta.  

#9 Alliance (2020)

podcast by ŻfinMalta moderated by Nicole Bearman, with Teodor Relijc and Diane Portelli

ACMlab Special: Unity, Collectivity and Representation

online panel discussion by Arts Council Malta with Jimmy Grima, Simon Sansone, Anita Debaere, Dr Charlotte Camilleri

Carnival! Workshops (2020
a series of workshops for children organised by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation forming part of Carnival!, a project merging history of Carnival, pedestrian rights and crafts

onequestionseries: Arts in Public Spaces (2019)
series of open discussions about arts in public spaces, in collaboration with ACT:
.1 Arts in Public Spaces: What are the benefits, difficulties, perceptions?
.2 What are the role of public arts? 

ħożż il-ħsejjes Workshops (2019)
a series of workshops developed by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation for over 100 participants involving clay instruments and sound workshops alongside Wen Chin Fu and Raffaella Zammit

Changsha Initiative, UNESCO (2019)

drafting and presentation of the Changsha Initiative developed with colleagues and participants of the 3rd International Youth Forum on Creativity and Heritage along the Silk Roads (UNESCO Beijing Office)

PechaKucha 10 (2018)
presentation of the behind-the-scenes of Baħħ Blu and Candy (20 slides x 20 seconds) at Valletta Contemporary alongside Slavko Vukanovic, Mario Vella, Stephanie Sant, Leonina Farrugia, Jacques Borg Barthet, Mohammed Ali 'Dali' Agrebi & Chakib Zidi, Michael Azzopardi, Marie-Claire Pellegrini

Human Matter Curatorial Tours (2017)


newspaper articles, blogs + reviews

'How do you feel?' - A Socio-Economic Exhibition (2021), Newsbook

'How do you feel?': An Exploration of Malta's Environmental Issues Through Art and Photography (2021), LovinMalta, Sasha Vella

Artists explore socio-economic and environmental issues (2021), Times of Malta

Meet our GCRP participants, 2021 (2021), Global Cultural Relations Programme - Cultural Relations Platform

Drawing with the eyes: exhibition explores difference between looking and seeing (2021), Times of Malta, Lara Zammit

Valletta Contemporary Artist Interview: Matthew Attard (2021), Valletta Contemporary, Ann Dingli

New edition of SPRING at The Mill (2021), Newsbook

The Mill is back with Inherent Dispositions (2021), Newsbook

Last week of fuse; 8 public art installations celebrating traditions, identities, and stories of the people who lived in the Old Abattoir (2021), ARTZ ID

The Midlife Crisis of Daniel Borg (2021), Times of Malta, Joseph Agius

An introspective journey, in conversation with Daniel Borg on his first solo exhibition 'Midlife Crisis' (2021), ARTZ ID

Bold and Compelling, This Maltese Artist Captures The Process of Rediscovery in New Solo Exhibition (2021), LovinMalta, Julian Beacom

Playful Subversion (2021), Times of Malta, Lara Zammit

Dolls come into being in exhibition (2021), Times of Malta, Stephanie Fsadni

Giving life to dolls (2021), Times of Malta

This Maltese Art Exhibition Puts Dolls in the Spotlight, Exploring their Unique Personification in Society (2021), Lovin Malta, Julian Beacom

'SURA' - Dolls Through a Spiritual Narrative (2021), ARTZ ID, Lola Bonnici

fuse (2021), Valletta Cultural Agency Blog

Imniedi l-programm ta' Mejju tal-Aġenzija Kulturali għall-Belt Valletta (2021), Newsbook

Uplift Your Spirits in Valletta this Spring (2021), Il-Bizzilla Magazine - April 2021 (pg. 21)

SPRING (v1.2) awakening at The Mill (2021), Newsbook, Alessia Caruana

Engaging with cultural policy on Campus FM (2021), Times of Malta

Gabriel Caruana Foundation back with SPRING Programme at The Mill (2021), Newsbook

Avoiding Cultural Catastrophe (2020), Artpaper., Maria Galea

The Gabriel Caruana Foundation in Malta (2020), UNESCO - Intangible Cultural Heritage, Elyse Tonna

Visual Artists need an immediate recovery plan (2020), Maltatoday, Maria Galea

After the storm - how will COVID-19 impact the arts? (2020), Times of Malta, Laura Swale

The story behind 'The Many Faces of The Mill' by Gabriel Caruana Foundation (2020), ARTZ ID

'The Many Faces of The Mill' Unveiled (2020), MyMAC, James Cummings

International Women's Day, 8 March, Equal for Equal (2020), UNESCO

Thirty years at The Mill (2020), Times of Malta

Mitħna ta' 300 sena li reġgħet ingħatat il-ħajja 30 sena ilu (2020), One News

Ceramics in Public Spaces - A Collaboration with ACT (2020), Gabriel Caruana Foundation, Raffaella Zammit

Art, Community & Traffic (2020), Artpaper., Maria Eileen Fsadni

Ambjent Malta se tkun qed tiffoka fuq Proġetti Ambjentali għall-benesseri tal-komunità (2020), One News

Installation with clay and wheat (2019), Times of Malta

Young leaders united (2019), Times of Malta

These guys built a massive musical instrument for Żigużajg (2019), Ramona Depares

Instrument-making workshops at The Mill (2019), Times of Malta

Mind the (everpresent) gap (2019), The Malta Independent, Marika Azzopardi

In Between, Malta: Lo sguardo dell' arte fra due continenti (2018), Biffi Arte

If buildings could speak (2018), The Malta Independent, Marika Azzopardi

The Origin of Design (2017), Places Magazine - December 2017 (pg. 38-39)

2017 Session: Forum Opening (2017), Salzburg Global Seminar - Salzburg Global Report 583 (pg. 10)

Being human ... the way forward (2017), Times of Malta

Human Matter (2017), The Malta Independent

Existential Matters (2017), Times of Malta

Young Maltese cultural innovators participate in the Salzburg Global Forum (2017), Arts Council Malta

For those ready to rock ... (2016), MaltaToday, Wesley Ellul

selected interviews

rajt ma rajtx ... naf li rajt (2021) - Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

fuse (2021) - Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

fuse (2021) - Campus Breakfast

VCA - fuse - Elyse Tonna - Curator (2021) - Valletta Cultural Agency

ARTZ ID Interviews: Elyse Tonna (2021) - ARTZ ID

SURA (2021), Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

SPRING Programme for Emerging Artists (GCF) - Campus Breakfast

Artist at The Mill Studio Series: Victor Agius (2020) - Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

Mitħna ta' 300 sena li reġgħet ingħatat il-ħajja 30 sena ilu (2020)- One News

Many Faces of The Mill (2020) - Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

ħożż il-ħsejjes (2019) - Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

Ħaġarna Launch (2019) - Kultura News

Maltarti - Art+Feminism (2019) - Maltarti (Arts Council Malta)

The Aesthetics of Disappearance (2018) - Kultura News

Human Matter - A Collective Art Exhibition established and emerging Maltese artists focusing on aspects of human existence commissioned by the Malta Society of Arts (2017), Kultura News

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